There's lots of fun to be had at Disneyland in August! We'll cover the crowd calendar, weather, what to wear, events, ride closures and more!

Disneyland is crowded in August!

The weather at Disneyland in August is hot! The average high is 86 degrees F. The average temperature is 66 degrees F for the low.

Keep comfort in mind when you’re deciding what to pack for Disneyland in August. You’ll want to wear things that are breathable and light. Tank tops and shorts are a good idea. Bring a jacket, even if the weather forecast predicts heat

You’re going to need a break from the heat at some point during the day! Good news! I have lots of ideas for you. Click the link for more info.

Use Genie Plus! Click the link for more info.

Rope Drop to save time! Click the link for more info.

Use mobile ordering every chance you get! Click the link for more info!

Click the link below for my full guide to Disneyland in August! It's got everything you need to know!