Things to buy on Amazon before your Disney vacation

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Heading on a Disney trip? Yay! It’s going to be amazing! Whether your visiting Disneyland or Walt Disney World, I know you’re going to have a great time! Disney is such a magical place. To help, I’ve created a list of things to buy on Amazon before your Disney vacation.

Planning ahead by buying a few things before you arrive at the theme parks is a great option. It will save you money, but also time! You don’t want to show up at your hotel room ready for a vacation and then realize you have to go out to buy the essentials! I prefer to buy as much as I can beforehand.

In case you didn’t know, Disney is expensive. No surprise there, right? I like to purchase a few things to take with me before our trip to save some money. Good news is, there’s Amazon. I love getting everything I need all in one place! So, of course creating a list of things to buy on Amazon before your Disney vacation was a natural fit for me.

Buying before your trip is an easy way to save you time and money. Plus, you’ll have everything you need to make you trip perfect! Here’s my full list of things to buy on Amazon before your Disney vacation.

I’ve got an episode on my podcast about what to buy before your Disney vacation. Check it out!

Make sure you don’t pay full price for your Disney park tickets! Saving money is always a good idea! Check out discount Disney park tickets!

Portable Fan:

It can get hot at Disney and I’ve always been skeptical of the little fans I see people walking around with. I mean, how much difference can a tiny fan like that make? Well, I finally tried one for myself on my last trip and I was blown away! Get it, blown away? Ha ha. But seriously, it made a huge difference! Now I don’t visit the parks without one! You can find rechargeable ones here. It’s a great idea to have one with you!


Ponchos are helpful no matter what time of year you’re visiting. You can use them to keep dry in the rain or you can use them to save yourself from wet clothes on Splash Mountain! They are the perfect size to throw in your Disney day bag. Sometimes you just don’t feel like getting wet and a cheap poncho is a life saver. I buy them in packs of 20 or so from Amazon. They are cheaper than the dollar store ponchos! Find them here.

Disney Shirts

You’re going to want to be wearing Disney apparel at the parks. Running around town trying to find the perfect Disney shirts is not my thing. Paying full price at the Disney parks is also not my thing. Add Disney shirts to your “things to buy on Amazon before your Disney vacation” list. You’ll be happy you did. I can alway find a great deal! Find the cutest ones here.

Cooler Backpack

Chances are, you’re going to be carrying a backpack anyway. Why not carry a cooler backpack? This way, you can keep drinks and snacks cold! We have one with us every trip.

Often, we pack full lunches inside ours. It’s perfect because whenever we’re ready to eat, we’ve got our lunch ready to go in the cooler backpack. We don’t have to run to a locker or wait in a long line for food. I have post about what foods are allowed at Disneyland here.

Bonus, you can take backpacks on every single ride in the park! Check them out here.

Portable Charger

Your phone is going to get a lot of use on your Disney trip! So, of course a portable phone charge is on my list of things to buy on Amazon before your Disney vacation. You’ll be using if for pictures, mobile ordering, wait times and posting about your amazing vacation on social media. Your phone’s battery is going to drain quickly. The last thing you need is a dead phone. Portable phone chargers are essential! They’ve got great ones on Amazon. Click here to find the perfect one.

Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle will be important while you’re at the Disney Parks! You can get disposable ones and refill them at water bottle refilling stations. Or, you can bring your own. I like to bring my own and if it’s Disney themed it makes me happy! You can find my favorite Disney water bottles here.

Small Toys and Glow Sticks

Lines can get long, especially for small kids. I keep a few little toys in my bag to pull out when things start getting rough. It makes all the difference! A little distraction can help you avoid a serious meltdown. I found some great little toys on Amazon. You can check them out here. Bonus points if they’re Disney themed!

Glow sticks are a fun surprise to pull out when the sun goes down! Your kids will love them and you’ll save money buying them before hand! Find some here.

Lanyards/Disney Pins

Pin trading is a big deal at the Disney parks and you’ll want to bring your own into the parks if you want a piece of the action. We buy our lanyards and trading pins from Amazon and save a ton of money! My kids have enjoyed trading pins with cast members. Or, sometimes they love the ones we buy so much, they just save them to wear proudly around the parks.

Cooling Towels

On hot days, especially during the summer months, you’re going to need to cool off! Standing in the shade, just isn’t going to cut it. Cooling towels are a great way to stay cool. I get mine wet and keep them in a ziplock back in my backpack, so I’m ready to go when things heat up.

They are machine washable, so you can use them over and over! Plus, they don’t get the back of your shirt wet when it’s around your neck. How is this possible? I have no idea, but I love them! Find them here.

Character Costumes

If your kids are fans of any of the Disney characters, chances are they are going to want to dress up at some point during your visit. What’s better than meeting Cinderella dressed as Cinderella? Of course, Disney has costumes available for purchase, but you’ll pay a pretty penny for them! You can save tons of money if you buy your costumes on Amazon before heading to the parks. They have so many great options! Check them out here.

Honorable Mention

I hope this list of things to buy on Amazon before your Disney vacation was helpful!

I do have an honorable mention that might help your family members stay happy in long lines! We love looking for hidden Mickeys and Amazon has some great guide books to help you find them! Your whole family will enjoy it! You can find the books here.

I have a great list full of things to make sure you have in your park day bag as well. It’s got really helpful things like face masks, hand sanitizer, lip balm and more! You can find it here.

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