Posts on Mix In Some Magic may contain affiliate links, which I earn a small commission from. These are provided for your convenience at no price increase to you and help me provide you with great content.

Posts on Mix In Some Magic may contain affiliate links, which I earn a small commission from. These are provided for your convenience at no price increase to you and help me provide you with great content.

I’ve spent many, many days in Disney theme parks. As a result, I’ve perfected my Disney park bag essentials list. You need to be prepared for any situation and I’ve got a complete list to make sure you have everything you need to make your day perfect! Of course you’ll need your cell phone and credit card. I didn’t include those on my list because I don’t think you’ll leave home without them! Below, you’ll find a list of everything I keep with me in my Disney park bag.

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Disney Parks Bag Essentials List

Backpack/Fanny pack

You’ll need something to carry all your stuff in. A backpack or fanny pack is a great choice for your Disney park bag. Choose something roomy and comfortable. Make sure it has room for all of your stuff. You’ll be able to take your backpack on all the rides, so don’t worry about that. You get bonus points if it’s Disney themed! I like a medium size sort of Disney backpack. Make sure you have room to fit all your park essentials inside. You could also go with a small fanny pack if you don’t have much stuff to bring. I could never pull this off! I have too much stuff! Although, there’s some adorable disney fanny packs!

Small “Essentials” Bag

I carry a bag like this everywhere I go and just transfer it to my Disney park bag on park days. I use it to store small things inside so I have easy access to them. Then, I don’t have to dig around my entire bag looking for something small like chapstick. This bag holds little things like Advil, bandaids, hair ties and hand sanitizer. A small bag is a must!


Sunscreen is important, even on overcast days. Getting a sunburn at Disney can make for a miserable vacation. I know from personal experience! I prefer mineral sunscreen.


Band-Aids are useful for blisters or the inevitable scraped knee. Save yourself a trip to the first aid station and bring your own in your Disney park bag. Disney Bandaids are much more fun! Little kids love these!

Hair Ties

Don’t forget hair ties! I keep one on my wrist at all times. I’ve got long hair and a hair tie is a lifesaver for hot days or wild rides! Did you know Disney hair ties were a thing? My goodness, they’ve thought of everything!


Have you ever had your kid sneeze in line and come away with a handful of boogers? It’s the worst! Tissue(and lots of hand sanitizer) to the rescue. I prefer Disney-themed tissues while at the parks.


I try to bring a little bit of everything. Advil(or your favorite pain reliever) is a must. Someone will get a headache at some point during your vacation. I always bring children’s Tylenol (this helps with sore little feet in the afternoon). Allergy medicine and tums usually end up in my Disney park bag too. If you need some medication and didn’t bring any, you can ask a cashier in one of the larger gift shops. They have a larger drawer behind the register filled with medication. So, you can buy it at the parks, but I find it easier to bring my own. That’s why it’s on my Disney park bag essentials list.

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are so helpful! You will need something to clean up those sticky hands and faces after the cotton candy and churros! Even if you don’t have young children, wet wipes are a good idea. I like a small pack like this.

Body Glide

One word. Chafing. Don’t let it happen to you! Body glide is a great way to avoid the dreaded Disney chafing. The chances of this happening to you or someone in your group on a hot, sweaty day are fairly high. Body glide has saved our trip many a time and we always have it with us in our Disney park bag.

Pocket Blanket

These little blankets are more like a waterproof tarp. They fold up really small so they can fit in your bag and are so useful! You can spread them on the ground to sit on during the parade or fireworks. Spread them out in a shady spot for a rest and snack break. The are also perfect to hide from the rain if you need to! We use our pocket blanket often!

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is not only a good idea, but it’s also absolutely necessary(especially these days!) I keep one in my essentials bag, but I also hang one from my backpack so it’s always out and easy to use. Of course, I love Disney hand sanitizer for my Disney park bag.


I hate squinting, so sunglasses are really important for me. I don’t go anywhere without sunglasses. You can bet I’ll have them at Disney! I love these sunglasses!


It’s my mission in life to keep the sun off of me. A hat helps tremendously! If I don’t have my Mickey ears on, I’ve got my hat. Of course, when I’m at Disney it needs to be a Disney hat. It just makes sense.

I like a hat when it’s cold too. This Mickey beanie is my favorite!

Flip Flops

If I have room in my Disney park bag, I throw in a pair of flip flops. I like to change in to them before water rides(I’m looking at you Splash Mountain!) Wet shoes and socks are the worst! It’s also nice to wear them around for a few hours in the afternoon to give my feet a break from tennis shoes. Switching shoes helps keep my feet from getting sore later in the day.

Portable Phone Charger

Make sure you have a portable phone charger in your Disney park bag! Taking all those pictures and checking wait times using the my Disney experience app is going to drain your phone battery fast! Make sure you have a way to charge your phone while your in the parks. I charge my portable charger up in the hotel room each night and it’s ready to go the next day.

Sweat Shirt or Light Jacket

Evenings at Disney can be chilly no matter what time of year you visit. It can get cool even during the summer months. Don’t get stuck buying a $50 sweatshirt from the gift shop when you can bring one from home. I think these sweatshirts are adorable!


You’re probably going to want a poncho in your Disney park bag. Grab a few at the dollar store to have on hand for sudden rain or to stay dry on the wet rides. If there’s lots of rain in the forecast during your vacation you may want to think about a sturdier poncho or a rain suit. We used rain suites a few years ago and it saved our wet, rainy vacation! A poncho is literally essential on my Disney park bag essentials list!

Hair Brush or Comb

Wild rides can make for wild hair and you’ll want to look your best for all your pictures! I’ve found a little travel size brush is perfect for my Disney parks bag.


No one likes chapped lips. They can be miserable! Throw a little lip balm into your bag. Consider one with sunscreen if you’re visiting in the hotter months.


I can’t survive the day without lotion! Throw in a small bottle of lotion to your Disney park bag to help with dry hands. Washing hands and hand sanitizer can dry out your hands quickly.

Water Bottle

Stay hydrated! Keep a refillable water bottle in your backpack to refill at drinking fountains and water bottle refill stations. You can also ask for cups of free ice water at any of the quick service restaurants and use them to refill your water bottle. We often just us disposable ones and refill them throughout the day, but these Disney water bottles are great!

Small Toys

I like to bring some small toys to keep little kids happy in long lines. I find them at the Dollar Store or in McDonald’s happy meal. Of course, I like to keep them Disney themed, but you don’t have to. You can find more ideas for keeping kids(and adults) happy in long lines here.


You’re going to want to throw a few snacks or treats in your Disney park bag. I like to bring smarties and dum dum suckers. It’s amazing how quickly a small piece of candy can stop a meltdown! I also like to bring some things that aren’t candy. Like granola bars, beef jerky or dehydrated fruit. We get enough sugar in the parks!


An umbrella is useful for rain, but it’s also useful for sun! Chances are, you’re going to encounter one(or both) of them on your vacation. I love pulling out my umbrella to keep the sun off us in long, hot lines. I love these umbrellas because they’re tiny and don’t take up much space.

Cooling Towels

If you’re visiting Disney during the hot months you will need these! They are a game changer. I get mine wet before we get to the park and keep them in ziplock bags. Then, they are ready to go when you need them. You can re-wet them in the bathrooms during your visit. When you come home you can throw them in the washing machine and then reuse them on your next trip. I was skeptical, but they were life savers! You can sometimes find them in the parks, but they’re pricey. It’s a good idea to buy them beforehand. You can find them here.

Neck Fan or Hand Held Fan

This is another family favorite! The hot months at Disney can be brutal. These neck fans make them more bearable. I like them because they are hands free, lightweight and you can recharge them using a usb. Make sure you pull back long hair before you use them!

I also really like a hand held fan and it takes up a bit less room than the neck fans. Plus, it’s easier to use to help cool off small kids and babies. They are a must on my Disney park bag essentials list!

Hopefully, you find my Disney park bag essentials list helpful! A little planning before your trip will make it so much more enjoyable.

I’ve got bunches of information on planning a Disneyland trip that will be so helpful for you! Start with my complete guide to visiting Disneyland. It’s a step-by-step guide for planning your vacation that will be helpful. Check out my top 10 Disneyland tips and my guide to when to visit Disneyland to help you pick the best time for your vacation! I’ve also got a post on rope dropping at Disneyland that’s very helpful.

Make sure you check out my downloadable touring plans if you’d like a step-by-step guide to the parks! 

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