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If you’re planning a trip to the Disneyland Resort, you’re probably concerned about crowds. Most guests are trying to avoid busy days, so I’ve created a Disneyland crowd calendar to help you decide the best time for you to visit Disneyland. No matter when you decide to visit, I know you’ll have a great time!

I’ve created this Disneyland crowd calendar by taking a bunch of things into consideration. I look at school breaks, conventions, special events, magic key blockout calendars, and past crowds. Disneyland park is different from Walt Disney World. Disneyworld’s guests are mainly travelers from out of town. Disneyland has a huge group of annual pass holders(called Magic Key holders) that frequent the park. So, it’s a bit more difficult to judge crowd levels and create Disney crowd calendars for the Disneyland resort because of the many local Magic Key holders that frequent the parks on any given day.

So, please use the Disneyland crowd calendar as a tool to help you decide when to visit Disneyland, but don’t get too wrapped up or obsessed over a Disneyland crowd calendar. The truth is, Disneyland is almost always crowded. Disney likes to have full parks, it’s how they make money. So, they do what they can to make sure their parks are consistently full.

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Although I don’t live in California, I visit the parks frequently and have noticed in recent years that there isn’t much of an off-season or slow season at Disneyland anymore. Disneyland hosts a lot of special events and festivals in the off-season to bring in more guests and keep things fun and exciting for Magic Key holders to keep them coming back. I hate to say it, but Disneyland is consistently crowded these days. Of course, there are higher crowd times and lower crowd times, but in general, Disneyland is just crowded because that’s how Disneyland likes it.

That being said, please don’t stress out or change your vacation plans! Yes, Disneyland is consistently crowded, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time! You’re still going to be able to experience a ton of attractions even if wait times are a little longer. You’re still going to enjoy all of the incredible entertainment. You’re still going to be able to eat all the yummy food. The magic is still there. Disneyland is still the happiest place on earth.

I’ve got a ton of tips and tricks to help you make the most of your time at Disneyland. I’ll share them below, so make sure you read until the end! I’ve even got touring plans to help you avoid the long lines and maximize your time at Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park. You’re going to love them!

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Disneyland Crowd Calendar

Here’s my Disneyland crowd calendar for each month of the year. Please use them as a tool to help you plan your Disneyland vacation, but the Disneyland crowd calendar can change at any moment. So, don’t get too wrapped up in it.

Honestly, the best time to visit Disneyland is the time that works best for YOU. Some people need to visit during the summertime because they can’t take their kids out of school. Some people love being at Disneyland during the Holiday season. Other guests don’t mind a few rides being closed and enjoy visiting during early February. There really isn’t one “best time” to visit Disneyland.

I’ve got a full guide to each month of the year at Disneyland that includes a Disneyland crowd calendar, average weather, special events taking place, a packing list, and more! So, make sure you check them out. They will be a great resource for you as you plan your vacation.

Lower Crowds At Disneyland

The best days to visit if you’re looking for the lowest crowds are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Sundays also seem to be a little less crowded as long as you avoid holiday weekends.

To avoid large crowds, skip the times when kids are out of school like summer break, spring breaks, fall break, and school holidays. School schedules can be hard to navigate because they are so different all around the United States.

Higher Crowds At Disneyland

If you’re looking to avoid the highest crowds at Disneyland, avoid the times around all major holidays like Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, and the 4th of July. Surprisingly, Halloween day is pretty mild(as far as crowds go). All school breaks and short holiday weekends are usually quite crowded. Summer vacation is also a busy time of year.


January Disneyland Crowd Calendar

Disneyland Park in January usually means lower crowds(if you visit after the holiday season ends and avoid Martin Luther King day). This means shorter wait times and shorter park hours. Disneyland often does ride maintenance during January and February. So, some attractions may be closed. Disney is celebrating 100 years as a company this year! The main celebration will take place at Disneyland beginning at the end of January. The new attraction coming to Disneyland(Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway) opens on January 27th! Disneyland also celebrates Lunar New Year this month. Find my full guide to Disneyland in January here.


February Disneyland Crowd Calendar

Disneyland Park in February usually has lower crowds as long as you avoid President’s Day. February is usually one of the least busy times of the year to visit. You may run into rainy weather, so be prepared for that! Disneyland often does ride maintenance during January and February. So, some attractions may be closed. Find my full guide to Disneyland in February here.


March Disneyland Crowd Calendar

Disneyland in March has lots going on! You can expect the Food & Wine Festival, which runs during March and April in California Adventure. ToonTown has been closed for refurbishment, but it reopens on March 8th, 2023! March can be a busy time to visit, especially once Spring Breaks get going. You can find a full guide to Disneyland in March here.


April Disneyland Crowd Calendar

Disneyland in April is busy with Spring break crowds! The Food & Wine Festival is happening in Disney California Adventure Park. The park is full of out-of-state visitors and California residents enjoying the good weather and school breaks. Crowds usually start to die down a bit in late April. You can find a full guide to Disneyland in April here.


May Disneyland Crowd Calendar

Disneyland in May means lighter crowds earlier in the month now that Spring breaks are over. Grad Nites begin in May and that can draw large crowds of graduating high school students and make for busy days. Avoid Memorial Day weekend if possible. You can find more info on Grad Nite and a full guide to Disneyland in May here.


June Disneyland Crowd Calendar

Disneyland in June means higher crowd levels due to summer break. This also brings longer hours and the parks will be open later. If you need to visit during the summer, June is a great time of year to do it. The weather is a bit less hot in June than it will be later in the summer. Grad Nites continue in June. Find more information on Grad Nite and a full guide to Disneyland in June here.


July Disneyland Crowd Calendar

Disneyland in July means higher crowds levels and hot temperatures. The summer holidays are in full swing and crowds are plentiful. You can still find short lines in the mornings and later in the evening. Avoid visiting over the 4th of July if possible. You can find a full guide to Disneyland in July here.


August Disneyland Crowd Calendar

Disneyland in August is busy during the first few weeks, but theme park attendance decreases significantly towards the month’s end. The last two weeks of August have low crowds, but it is usually quite hot and you can expect Haunted Mansion to be closed for its Holiday overlay. You can find a full guide to Disneyland in August here.


September Disneyland Crowd Calendar

Early September has lower crowds, but as soon as Halloween time at Disneyland begins it will be more crowded. The Oogie Boogie Bash begins in September and is very popular. In my opinion, this is the best time to visit Disneyland(or one of them!) September is still hot at Disneyland, so plan for higher temperatures. You can find a full guide to Halloweentime at Disneyland, the Oggie Boogie Bash and my guide to Disneyland in September here.


October Disneyland Crowd Calendar

October is filled with Halloween fun! The Oogie Boogie Bash is running on select nights. Crowds are steady at the Disney parks especially over school holidays like Columbus Day. The weather is still hot, so plan accordingly. You can find a full guide to Disneyland in October here. It includes info on Halloweentime at Disneyland and the Oogie Boogie Bash.


November Disneyland Crowd Calendar

November is a great time of year to visit Disneyland. Crowds are lower during the first part of the month and pick up as the month goes on. The Holidays at the Disneyland resort are incredibly popular and begin in early November. I think November is the best time to visit Disneyland(or one of them) because I love visiting during the Holidays! The Haunted Mansion Holiday returns and is one of the most popular rides in the park. ‘it’s a small world” also gets an amazing Holiday overlay. You can find a full guide to Disneyland in November(including a guide to the Holidays at Disneyland) here.


December Disneyland Crowd Calendar

December at Disneyland can be a bit crowded. Everyone loves to visit during the Christmas season. There are lots of great seasonal events happening. It’s peak season at Disneyland! If you avoid Christmas Eve through New Year you’ll miss the highest crowds. Disneyland has capacity limits, so make sure you make your park reservations early if you’ll be visiting during Christmas. The Holidays run through early November. Weather can be a bit chilly, so be prepared. You can find a full guide to Disneyland in December here.

I’ve got bunches of information on planning a Disneyland trip that will be so helpful for you! Start with my complete guide to visiting Disneyland. It’s a step-by-step guide for planning your vacation that will be helpful. Check out my top 10 Disneyland tips and my guide to when to visit Disneyland to help you pick the best time for your vacation! I’ve also got a post on rope dropping at Disneyland that’s very helpful.

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I hope my Disneyland crowd calendar has been helpful to you! Please remember that determining crowd levels at Disneyland is a guessing game. These calendars can change at any time and should be used as a tool. I know whenever you decide to visit Disneyland, you’re going to have an amazing time! It really is the happiest place on earth!

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