Posts on Mix In Some Magic may contain affiliate links, which I earn a small commission from. These are provided for your convenience at no price increase to you and help me provide you with great content.

Posts on Mix In Some Magic may contain affiliate links, which I earn a small commission from. These are provided for your convenience at no price increase to you and help me provide you with great content.

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You’re on you’re way to Disneyland with your small children. Should you bring a stroller or rent one from the Disneyland Park? In this post, I’ll cover everything you need to know about strollers at Disneyland. 

 In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of strollers at Disneyland to help you make an informed decision.

We’ll explore why strollers are an invaluable asset at Disneyland and how they enhance the overall experience for children and parents. Understanding the stroller policy and guidelines at Disneyland is crucial to ensure a hassle-free visit, and we’ll cover all the essential information you need to know.

Furthermore, we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of bringing your own stroller to the park versus opting for rental strollers. While using your own stroller offers familiarity and convenience, renting strollers at Disneyland might save you from the hassle of transportation and potential damage to your personal stroller.

Additionally, we’ll compare renting Disneyland strollers with alternative options from off-site rental companies. By weighing the pros and cons of each, you can determine which option best aligns with your family’s needs and preferences.

Ultimately, this guide to strollers at Disneyland aims to equip you with all the necessary insights and tips to make the best choice regarding strollers at Disneyland.

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Should You Bring A Stroller To Disneyland?

Should you bring a stroller to Disneyland? Yes! You must bring a stroller to the Disney parks if you have little kids. 

While Disneyland promises an enchanting journey, it has a vast and sprawling landscape. There’s much to see, from the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle to the lively Main Street, U.S.A. For parents of young children, the sheer expanse of the park can be overwhelming, especially when tiny feet tire easily. This is where strollers play a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable visit for parents and kids.

Strollers provide convenient and comfortable transportation for young ones throughout the park. They offer a respite for tired little legs, enabling kids to conserve their energy for the magical adventures that lie ahead. Moreover, strollers act as mini-mobile bases, allowing parents to carry essential items such as diaper bags, snacks, water bottles, and spare clothing without the added strain of heavy backpacks.

Strollers At Disneyland- What To Know

From the moment you step inside the park, you’ll immerse yourself in a world of magic and adventure. However, the park’s sheer size can be overwhelming, especially for little legs that tire easily.

This is where strollers at Disneyland prove to be an absolute lifesaver. Navigating the park on foot can be a daunting task for young children, and having a stroller provides a convenient mode of transportation. Your child is not used to walking 10 miles a day. If you ask them to do this, you will not make it through part of the day. Trying navigating the Disney parks with little ones without a stroller is not a good idea. 

A stroller allows parents to efficiently move around the park, making it easier to reach various attractions without little ones getting exhausted before the real fun even begins. Long hours of walking and standing in line for rides can quickly take a toll on their tiny legs. When kids are tired, their enthusiasm might wane, and the magical experience can turn into crankiness and tears.

A readily available stroller ensures that children can take periodic breaks throughout the day. This allows them to rest and recharge and helps to rejuvenate their spirits. A well-rested child is more likely to fully enjoy the enchanting world of Disneyland, making the entire experience more enjoyable for the whole family.

Convenient storage for essentials 

A day at Disneyland requires careful preparation, and part of that involves ensuring you have all the essentials for a smooth and delightful adventure. Strollers offer convenient and easily accessible storage space for all the necessities that come with a day spent at the park. Check out my list of essentials to bring to Disneyland! 

From a diaper bag, snacks and water bottles to spare clothing and sunscreen, strollers provide ample room to store everything your family needs. As you stroll through the park, you can quickly grab a snack or a sip of water without digging through bags or backpacks. Additionally, strollers can accommodate any Disneyland souvenirs or merchandise you collect throughout the day, saving you from carrying heavy shopping bags.

Great Place For A Nap 

Even the most adventurous little ones need a break now and then, and Disneyland can be pretty stimulating with its bright colors, lively music, and constant activity. When it’s time for a nap, a stroller offers a secure and comfortable spot for your child to rest peacefully.

You can recline the stroller and let your child rest rather than leaving the park early to return to the hotel for naptime. This lets you make the most of your day at Disneyland, knowing that your little one can sleep comfortably whenever needed.

Stroller Policy and Guidelines at Disneyland

 Disneyland’s stroller size requirements

Before you head to Disneyland with your little ones and their trusty stroller, you must be aware of the park’s stroller policy. Disneyland has specific size requirements for strollers to ensure a smooth pedestrian traffic flow and accommodate everyone’s needs.

Disneyland’s stroller size restrictions dictated that strollers must not exceed 31 inches (79 cm) in width and 52 inches (132 cm) in length. Any strollers that surpass these dimensions are not permitted inside the park. Measuring your stroller beforehand is crucial to ensure it complies with these guidelines to avoid any inconveniences upon arrival.

Here’s the official Info from the Disneyland website: 

  • Strollers are not allowed on escalators. Use of strollers is permitted on elevators and ramps available at specific locations.
  • A child must be removed from his or her stroller while riding on a parking lot tram.
  • Do not leave personal belongings in an unattended stroller.
  • Strollers may be moved by a Cast Member due to operational needs.
  • Rented strollers may be used throughout Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park, and the Downtown Disney District. Rented strollers may not be taken into the Hotels of the Disneyland Resort or onto parking lot trams or buses.
  • Strollers larger than 31″ (79 cm) x 52″ (132 cm) and wagons are not permitted.
  • Stroller wagons are also not permitted.

 Stroller parking 

As you explore the magical attractions at Disneyland, you’ll inevitably find moments when you won’t need the stroller for a short period. Thankfully, the park provides designated stroller parking areas, so you can safely leave your stroller while enjoying the rides and shows.

You’ll encounter various stroller parking zones near attractions, dining areas, and entertainment venues throughout Disneyland. These designated areas are conveniently marked and easy to locate.

 Restriction and safety guidelines for strollers

To maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all visitors, Disneyland enforces certain restrictions and safety guidelines regarding strollers. It’s essential to adhere to these rules to ensure your child’s and others’ safety.

One important guideline is that strollers should not be parked in walkways or obstruct entrances, as this can impede the flow of foot traffic and pose safety hazards. Always be considerate of others and park your stroller in designated areas to maintain a clear pathway for all guests.

Additionally, being cautious when using strollers in crowded areas, such as queues for popular attractions and shows, is essential. Watch out for others and avoid bumping into people accidentally. Disneyland is a bustling place, and being mindful of stroller movement ensures a harmonious experience for everyone.

 Accessibility considerations for families with special needs

Disneyland takes great pride in being an inclusive destination for all guests, including those with special needs or disabilities. The park offers various services for families requiring additional assistance to ensure a magical experience for everyone.

For families with children who have mobility challenges or disabilities, there are accessibility options available. Disneyland offers wheelchair tags to qualifying guests that may be used on their stroller, essentially allowing families to take strollers anywhere wheelchairs are permitted. Disneyland provides wheelchair rentals, including electronic conveyance vehicles (ECVs), which can be beneficial for children with mobility limitations. 

To make the most of these services, it’s advisable to contact Disneyland Guest Relations in advance or visit City Hall on Main Street, U.S.A., to obtain information about accessibility options and to inquire about any specific needs your family may have.

 Bringing Your Own Stroller To Disneyland: Pros and Cons

As you plan your family trip to Disneyland, one crucial decision is whether to bring your own stroller to the park. While using your familiar stroller offers several advantages, it’s essential to consider its potential challenges. Let’s explore the pros and cons of bringing your own stroller to Disneyland:

 Benefits of using your own stroller

  1. Comfort and Familiarity: Your child’s comfort and well-being are of utmost importance during your Disneyland adventure. Using your own stroller ensures that your little one is already accustomed to the stroller’s design and features, promoting a sense of security and familiarity amidst the excitement of the park. New strollers could be overwhelming for some children.
  2. Convenient Storage: Parents often organize their own strollers with their child’s essentials. Your stroller allows you to conveniently store snacks, water bottles, diapers, spare clothing, and personal belongings in familiar pockets and compartments.
  3. Budget-Friendly: If you already own a suitable stroller, bringing it along can be a budget-friendly option, as you won’t incur additional rental fees for a temporary stroller at the park.
  4. Hassle-Free Start: By arriving at Disneyland with your stroller, you can immediately begin exploring the park without the need to stop and rent one, saving you precious time.

 Considerations for transporting your stroller to the park

  1. Travel Convenience: Transporting your stroller can be a logistical challenge if you’re traveling a long distance to reach Disneyland. Consider the space it occupies in your vehicle and how it fits with other luggage.
  2. Air Travel Considerations: If you’re flying to Disneyland, bringing your stroller along might incur additional airline fees or pose handling concerns. Be sure to check with your airline about stroller policies before your journey.
  3. Stroller Size Restrictions: As mentioned in the stroller policy section, Disneyland has specific size requirements. Ensure your stroller complies with these dimensions to avoid any issues at the park entrance.

 Potential wear and tear on your stroller at Disneyland

  1. Rough Terrain: Disneyland’s pathways and pavements can be busy and occasionally bumpy. Remember that your stroller may experience more wear and tear than usual.
  2. Weather Elements: Depending on the weather conditions during your visit, your stroller may be exposed to rain, sun, or dust. Consider bringing protective covers or accessories to shield your stroller from the elements.

 Balancing convenience with the risk of damage or loss

  1. Stroller Mix-ups: With many strollers at the park, mix-ups are possible, especially if yours looks similar. Consider personalizing your stroller with distinctive accessories or tags to make it easily identifiable.
  2. Risk of Damage or Loss: In a bustling and crowded place like Disneyland, there’s always a slight risk of accidental damage or even loss of personal items. Be vigilant and take necessary precautions to safeguard your stroller and belongings. If you run into trouble with your stroller on your vacation, cast members will gladly assist you! 

Renting Strollers at Disneyland: What You Need to Know

 Types of strollers available for rent at the park

Disneyland offers convenient stroller rental services within the park for families who prefer to travel light or want to avoid the hassle of bringing their own stroller. The strollers available for rent are designed to accommodate young children comfortably and efficiently.

 Disneyland typically offers single and double strollers for rental. Single strollers are suitable for one child, while double strollers are ideal for families with two young children. These strollers are designed with safety features, comfortable seating, and convenient storage spaces, making them a practical choice for exploring the park with little ones.

 Rental locations and how to access them

Renting a stroller at Disneyland is a straightforward process. You’ll find the rental station near the main entrance before you enter the park. 

 Pricing and rental duration options

The cost of renting a stroller at Disneyland may vary, so knowing the pricing options is essential. As of our last update, the rental fee for a single stroller was typically around $18 per day, while a double stroller was approximately $36 per day. Please note that these prices are subject to change, so it’s advisable to check the most recent pricing details on the official Disneyland website or by contacting Guest Relations.

Your stroller rental only lasts for the day, and you may not remove the rental stroller from the Disneyland property. 

 Pros and cons of Disneyland stroller rentals

Pros of Disneyland’s official stroller rentals:

  1. Convenience: Renting a stroller directly from Disneyland is incredibly convenient, as rental locations are easily accessible near the park entrances. You can quickly pick up and drop off the stroller without needing to venture outside the park.
  2. Theme Park Themed: Disneyland’s strollers often feature fun and vibrant designs that match the park’s theme, adding an extra magic touch to your little one’s experience.
  3. Available Stroller Types: Disneyland offers a variety of stroller types, including single and double strollers, catering to the needs of families with different configurations.

Cons of Disneyland’s official stroller rentals:

  1. Cost: While Disneyland’s stroller rentals are convenient, they can be relatively more expensive than off-site rental options.
  2. Limited Park Use: Disneyland’s strollers are meant for use within the park only, so you will only have the convenience of having them within the park gates.

Renting A Stroller From An Outside Company

Aside from Disneyland’s official stroller rentals, several off-site rental companies provide stroller services near the park. These alternatives often come with their own set of benefits.

Pros of an off-site rental company:

  1. Cost Savings: Off-site rental companies might offer more budget-friendly options than Disneyland’s official rentals, especially for longer rental durations.
  2. Multi-Day Rentals: Some off-site rental companies provide the flexibility of renting a stroller for multiple days, including days when you are not at the park, allowing you to maximize its usage.
  3. Premium Stroller Options: Some off-site companies offer premium stroller models with additional features and comfort for an enhanced experience. They also offer lightweight strollers that make navigating the parks easy. 
  4. Take Your Stoller Anywhere: You keep your stroller with you for the duration of your stay, so you don’t have to unload it and wake sleeping kids at the end of the day. You can keep them in it all the way back to the hotel room! 

Cons of off-site rental companies:

  1. Transportation Logistics: Picking up and returning the stroller from an off-site location might require additional transportation arrangements, which can be a minor inconvenience. However, most rental companies will drop your stroller off at your hotel for you and pick it up after your trip. 

 Factors to consider when choosing between Disneyland’s rentals and off-site rentals

  1. Budget: Consider your budget and how much you will spend on a stroller rental. Compare the costs of Disneyland’s official rentals with those of nearby off-site rental companies to find the best fit for your financial needs.
  2. Rental Duration: Assess how many days you’ll spend at Disneyland and whether you require the stroller beyond the park. Some families enjoy renting a stroller for the entire trip, while others may only need it for park days.
  3. Stroller Type and Features: Evaluate the stroller types and features available from Disneyland and off-site rental companies. Determine which stroller best meets your child’s needs and provides comfort and convenience.
  4. Convenience vs. Cost: Weigh the convenience of renting directly from Disneyland against the cost savings offered by off-site rental companies. Decide which factor holds more significance for your family.

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Tips for Maximizing Stroller Use at Disneyland

Disneyland is a bustling place, especially during peak seasons and popular events. Navigating the crowds with a stroller requires some strategy to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for you and your fellow guests. If you have any questions, ask a cast member. Here are some tips for mastering the art of stroller maneuvering:

  1. Be Mindful of Pedestrian Traffic: Pay attention to the flow of foot traffic and avoid sudden stops or abrupt turns that could obstruct others. Being considerate of fellow guests ensures a harmonious environment for everyone.
  2. Utilize Stroller Parking: When entering attractions, restaurants, or shows, use designated stroller parking areas to avoid leaving your stroller in crowded walkways. This also helps prevent accidental mix-ups or stroller theft.
  3. Plan Routes in Advance: Familiarize yourself with the park’s layout and plan efficient routes that avoid congested areas. You can save time and energy while moving around with your stroller.

Personalizing your stroller

In a sea of strollers, it’s easy for you to get lost in the crowd. Personalizing your stroller can help distinguish it from others and add a touch of creativity to your Disneyland experience. Here are some fun ways to make your stroller easily identifiable:

  1. Tags and Ribbons: Attach colorful tags or ribbons to the stroller’s handlebar or sides. Choose distinctive colors or patterns that stand out among the sea of strollers.
  2. Stroller Nameplate: Create a custom nameplate with your child’s name or a unique message and affix it to the stroller. This makes it easy for you to spot your stroller quickly.
  3. Stroller Accessories: Consider attaching unique accessories, such as character-themed decorations or LED lights, to make your stroller stand out in a crowd.

Protecting your stroller from theft or mix-ups

Though Disneyland is a magical place, taking precautions to protect your stroller from theft or accidental mix-ups is crucial. Here are some steps to safeguard your stroller and belongings:

  1. Remove Valuables: When leaving your stroller, take valuables such as cameras, phones, and wallets with you. Leaving them behind in an unattended stroller could make them vulnerable to theft.
  2. Personal Identification: Attach an identification tag with your contact information to the stroller. In case of a mix-up, this will help Disneyland staff reunite you with your stroller.

Using stroller time strategically 

Your stroller can be valuable for optimizing your time at Disneyland, especially when managing ride lines and show waiting. Here’s how to use your stroller strategically:

  1. Stroller Parking Near Attractions: Park your stroller strategically near attractions with longer wait times. This way, you can quickly return to the stroller after enjoying the ride.
  2. Stroller as a Waiting Spot: If a party member is waiting in line for an attraction, use the stroller as a temporary resting spot for others, particularly young children. This allows them to relax while you take turns experiencing the attraction.
  3. Napping Time: When your little one needs a nap, recline the stroller in a shaded area or find a quiet spot. This allows you to take a break and enjoy downtime before continuing your Disneyland adventures.

Feedback from Disneyland Visitors

As you contemplate renting a stroller at Disneyland or bringing your own, hearing from other visitors in the same situation can provide valuable insights. Let’s take a look at testimonials and experiences from both parents who rented strollers at Disneyland and those who brought their own:

Testimonials from parents who rented strollers at Disneyland

  1. “Renting a stroller at Disneyland made our trip so much more enjoyable! The convenience of picking up a stroller right at the park entrance saved us time and energy. Our little one loved the themed design, and it was a lifesaver during long days at the park. Worth every penny!” – Emily, San Francisco, CA
  2. “We opted to rent a double stroller for our two kids, and it was a game-changer! Disneyland’s official strollers were spacious, comfortable, and had plenty of storage. The kids loved the ride, and it made navigating the park with them so much easier. We were impressed with how smooth the rental process was, and we highly recommend it!” – Mike and Lisa, Denver, CO

Experiences from visitors who brought their own strollers

  1. “Bringing our own stroller to Disneyland gave our toddler a sense of familiarity. She napped comfortably in her stroller, and having all our essentials in the same place was super convenient. However, transporting the stroller from the hotel was a bit challenging, so if we visit again, we might consider renting one at the park for added ease.” – Sarah and Mark, Orlando, FL
  2. “We decided to bring our lightweight umbrella stroller to Disneyland, and it worked perfectly for our older child. It was easy to maneuver and park in crowded areas. However, if you’re considering bringing your own stroller, keep in mind the wear and tear it may endure due to the park’s rough terrain.” – Jessica, Chicago, IL.

The magic of Disneyland comes alive when experienced through the eyes of your little ones. I’m so excited you’re taking them on this fantastic adventure! I hope this guide to strollers at Disneyland was helpful to you. Ultimately, whether you end up renting a stroller at Disneyland, from another company or bring your own, what matters most is the magical experience you create for your family. 

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