What To Do When It Rains At Disneyland

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You’re heading to the Disneyland Resort for you vacation when you check the weather forecast and instead of sunny days, you see bad weather! Is your trip ruined? Heavy rain can definitely derail your plans, but don’t panic! Your trip isn’t ruined. Some of our best days at the Happiest Place on Earth have been rainy ones.

In this article, we’re going to talk all about what to do when it rains at Disneyland. I’ve got a few tips that will help you make the best of a rainy day at Disneyland! Keep an eye on the weather in the week or so leading up to your trip so you can know what to expect and be prepared for inclement weather.

Rain at Disneyland can mean less crowds and shorter wait times. That sounds amazing, right? It really is! A rainy day can actually be the best time to visit, if you’re prepared!

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Must-Have Supplies For Rainy Days at Disney

If you’re heading to Disneyland in the rain, you’re going to need some supplies. Showing up unprepared is the quickest way to a miserable day and a ruined vacations. The good news is, I’ve been to the Disneyland Park in the rain quite a bit, so I know what you might need!

– Ponchos, Rain Jackets or Rain Suits

Your typical dollar store poncho is not going to cut if on a rainy day at Disneyland. It’s just not. I recommend real ponchos or rain jackets. Of course, Disney sells ponchos in the parks, but you’ll save money if you buy them ahead of time. If the rain is forecasted to be heavy or frequent, I highly recommend rain suits. They saved us on our last trip! We might have looked a little silly, but they kept us dry and warm.

– WaterProof Shoes

You can’t be happy at Disneyland with wet feet. Rain boots, snow boots or anything waterproof for your feet is essential! Tennis shoes act like sponges in the rain. Your tennis shoes will be soaked through in minutes. Not fun! I like these waterproof shoe covers because they’re easy to throw in a backpack.

 Or, Bring your boots and store them in a locker so you have them when you need them. You’ll be so happy you have them. Also, bring some extra socks to switch into if your boots are needed. Chances are you’ll be happy to have them!

– Umbrella

Throw an umbrella or two in your backpack. I like these umbrellas because they’re small and portable.

– Bags

Ziploc bags/garbage bags/plastic bags are all helpful to keep electronics or other valuables dry or to put wet clothes or shoes in. Line your backpack with a garbage bag to keep everything inside dry.

– Waterproof Stroller Cover

A soaking wet stroller will ruin your trip fast! A simple plastic stroller cover will keep your stroller and your child dry and happy!

– Extra Socks

Extra socks are a must! I know I mentioned this before, but it’s so important. If your socks get wet you won’t last long! Bring some extra socks(inside your garbage bag lined backpack). You’ll be happy you have them!

– Towels

Grab a small towel or two from the hotel and throw it in your park bag. You can use it to dry yourself off or it can be useful to dry off wet seats!

What Disneyland Attractions Will Be Open In The Rain?

What to do when it rains at Disneyland? Which rides will be open and which ones will be closed? Roller coasters and outdoor attractions like Dumbo the flying elephant and Mad Tea Party will be shut down in wet weather. Outdoor shows, ​fireworks and parades may be canceled. You can use the Disneyland app to see what’s open and what’s closed. Don’t worry, you can still have a good time in the rain! Wondering what to do when it rains at Disneyland? There’s plenty to do ! Here’s some of my ideas for indoor shows and indoor attractions.


Enchanted Tiki Room

Indiana Jones Adventure

Haunted Mansion

Pirates of the Caribbean

Winnie the Pooh

Toontown Character houses

Roger Rabbit’s spin cars

Small World


Star Wars Launch Bay

Space Mountain

Star Tours

Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln

Main Street Cinema

Browse the shops on Main Street

Mickey and the Magical Map

Fantasy Faire Royal Theatre

California Adventure:

Soarin’ around the world

Little Mermaid

Toy Story

Monsters Inc.

Animation Academy

Sorcerer’s Workshop

Turtle Talk with Crush

Frozen, live at the Hyperion

Disney Junior dance party

Browse the shops on Buena Vista Street

Take A Break

Taking a break might be the perfect plan if you’re losing steam and wondering what to do when it rains at Disneyland. If the rain is especially heavy or there’s high winds, it might be a good idea to take a break at one of the indoor restaurants.

If you notice rain in the forecast before your trip, see if you can snag a dining reservation. Getting out the rain for a couple of hours and eating delicious food is the best way to take a break in my opinion!

I love Cafe Orleans or Blue Bayou or Carnation Cafe are some of my favorite sit down restaurants at the theme park. If you’ll be in Disney California Adventure park, Carthay Circle is a great option.

Of course, there’s lots of quick service dining options as well! You can find info on my favorite quick service dining options at Disneyland here and California Adventure here.

You can always take a break back at your hotel. This might be a good options if it’s especially rainy and it will give you a chance to change into some dry clothes.

​Also, don’t forget to bring a good attitude! Having a good attitude will go a long way to making your rainy Disney day great!

I hope my “what to do when it rains at Disneyland” suggestions have been helpful for you. Rain on your vacation can be a big deal if your not prepared. But, with a little planning you can still have a magical day!