Posts on Mix In Some Magic may contain affiliate links, which I earn a small commission from. These are provided for your convenience at no price increase to you and help me provide you with great content.

Posts on Mix In Some Magic may contain affiliate links, which I earn a small commission from. These are provided for your convenience at no price increase to you and help me provide you with great content.

Visiting Disney theme parks can be expensive! There’s really no way around it. However, there are a few ways to save money on Disneyland tickets that you need to know about before you book your vacation. Discount Disneyland tickets are available. Please don’t pay full price for your park tickets! A Disney vacation is a once-in-a-lifetime trip for lots of people, so saving some money on your Disney tickets is essential! Whether this is your first visit, or your 50th, saving money on Disneyland tickets is always a good idea.

Saving Money At Disneyland
Saving Money At Disneyland

In this post, you’ll find my top 6 ways to save money on Disneyland tickets. This post is specifically about saving money on your theme park tickets. I’ve got lots of ideas for saving money while you’re inside Disneyland here. I’ve also got a great guide filled with creative ways to help you save up for your Disneyland vacation here.

Please keep in mind, that Disney tickets and park reservations are required to enter all the Disney parks. You can find more information about planning your Disneyland trip in my complete planning guide here.

Buy your tickets at a discount

There are not a lot of places that sell legitimate discounted Disney park tickets, so you do have to be careful when purchasing your tickets. That’s why I always get my tickets from Get Away Today. Buying your tickets from them is a great way to save money on Disneyland tickets.

They are the number one ticket provider to the Disneyland resort and have been around for 30 years! I won’t buy my tickets anywhere else. In fact, I love them so much that I teamed up with Get Away Today! They agreed to give my readers the very best deals possible on park tickets! Their tickets are always discounted off the gate price. So, you can be sure when you buy through them that you’re getting the very best prices around.

Get Away Today only sells multi-day tickets. If you’re wanting single-day tickets, you’ll need to get them from Disneyland. There are no discounts on anywhere on single-day tickets.

They also have great deals on hotels. You can usually find deals with the 4th night free, which really is a money saver! They have so many options and can help you find your perfect hotel room. They even have layaway plans! Also, if you use my code MIX10, you can save an additional $10 off ticket and hotel packages. Buying discounted park tickets is the best way to save money on Disneyland tickets and your Disneyland park vacation. You can check their prices here.

Skip the park hopper

Another great way to save money is to skip the park hopper tickets. Park hopping is really expensive! There’s so much to do in each park, you can easily spend the full day in Disneyland or Disney California Adventure and be perfectly content.

If you’re not sure, price out the tickets both ways: One park per day and a park hopper. By skipping the park hopper option, my family usually saves close to $300 or more! That’s a big savings! Especially for something that you really probably don’t need. Skipping the park hopper options is an easy way to save money on Disneyland tickets.

Buy when there’s a deal

Buy your park tickets and hotel when there’s a deal going on. Get Away Today often has great deals like “buy 4 days get the 5th free” or “Adults at Kids prices”. When you buy during one of their sales, you get even more savings on ticket prices! Lower prices combined with a sale make for lots of savings! Now, you’ll be able to spend more of your hard-earned money at the happiest place on earth.

Get Away Today also has great sales on their hotels. You can often find “buy 3 nights get the 4th night free” deals! It’s such an easy way to save a lot of money. They even have great deals on Disneyland resort hotels. I prefer a hotel within walking distance so I don’t have to rent a car. I also love a hotel with a good free breakfast! You can find my hotel reviews here.

Visit during the offseason

The time of year you choose to visit makes a big difference. The best time to visit Disneyland if you’re looking to save money is during the off-season. Peak season at Disneyland means higher ticket prices and higher hotel prices. So, if you’re looking to save money booking your trip during the off-season is a great plan. Any time kids are out of school is peak season. So, spring break, summer, special events, and all the major holidays are going to be more expensive at the Disney resort. Avoiding those times, if possible will save you some money on your Disney trip.

I have a full guide to help you decide when to visit Disneyland. You can find it here.

Skip Genie Plus

This tip might be controversial, but skipping Genie Plus can save you quite a bit of money. Depending on how many people you have in your group and the number of days you’ll be visiting, it can actually save you quite a bit of money. If you’re not sure what Genie Plus is and how it works you can read all about it here.

You can still have a great time at Disneyland without Genie plus. Especially, if you’re following my other tips. You can find all my best tips for visiting Disneyland here. Don’t add the Genie Plus option to your tickets when you purchase. This will save money on Disneyland tickets and you can always add it while you’re on your vacation is you change your mind.

Book your trip now

Disney is famous for its surprise ticket price increase. This change in ticket prices happens at least once a year, but sometimes twice. By purchasing your tickets now, you lock in the lower prices. Disney raises their ticket prices without warning. So, you could wake up tomorrow to higher ticket prices, which is no fun. So, if you know you’re wanting to take a Disney vacation, buy your tickets now. Even if you’re not sure exactly when you’ll be visiting you can still purchase your tickets from Get Away Today. They are really flexible with dates which is one of the reasons I love them so much!

I hope these 6 tips to save money on Disneyland tickets were helpful for you! If you’re looking for more money-saving tips at Disneyland, check out my podcast! There’s lots of great info there that will be helpful! You can also check out my Instagram account for lots of tips and Disney magic!

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