Keeping everyone happy in line

You’re at Disneyland!  You’re so excited! You’ve got a good plan(Check out my custom Disneyland plan packages ​here) and you’re using MaxPass(or Fastpass), but sometimes you’re going to have to wait in long lines. There’s just no getting around it. You need to have a game plan to keep kids(and adults!) happy while they are waiting. Don’t wander into a long line without a game plan!  Here are some ideas to keep everyone happy while you wait.

​1. Snacks and treats- Heading into a long line? Grab a snack or a treat to keep everyone occupied! It’s amazing what a churro or Mickey ice cream bar will do to lift spirits in a long line.  I like to keep a small bag of suckers and smarties in my backpack to help keep littles occupied.  I can’t tell you how many in line meltdowns have been avoided because I pulled out a bag of suckers!

 2. Download the free Play Disney Parks app and enjoy some fun games and interactive activities. They even have games to play as a group! My kids love this!

3. Bubbles. There’s something magical about bubbles for a child. Pulling out bubbles when you spot a meltdown building can save you! Bonus points if they’re Mickey Bubbles! Be courteous of those around you, but in my experience bubbles make everyone happy! 

 4. Buy a copy of “Hidden Mickey’s of Disneyland ” before your trip and use it look for the Mickeys hidden all over the parks! You can find it here. rel=”nofollow”This is my big kid’s favorite way to pass time in line.

Probably the best way to keep everyone happy in line is to avoid long lines altogether! I can help! Check out my custom Disneyland planning packages.

What else? What do you do to keep everyone happy while waiting in line?