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Posts on Mix In Some Magic may contain affiliate links, which I earn a small commission from. These are provided for your convenience at no price increase to you and help me provide you with great content.

If you’re looking for information about a birthday cakes at Disneyland, must be celebrating a birthday there soon! Sounds like so much fun! Celebrating a birthday(or any special occasion) at Disneyland can make it extra special. You really can’t have a birthday without a birthday cake! Luckily, Disneyland offers celebration cakes that are perfect for birthdays!

In this article, we’ll talk about the different birthday cake options at Disneyland, where to order them, how much they cost, and some other fun things you can do to make celebrating a birthday at the Disneyland theme parks extra special!

We recently visited Disneyland to celebrate my daughter’s 11th birthday. It was really a special birthday that I know she’ll always remember! A Disneyland birthday party is the perfect way to celebrate. We ordered a specialty cake, let her do some shopping, and had such a magical time!

Discount Disneyland tickets

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Birthday Cakes At Disneyland

Birthday cakes at Disneyland are called the Mickey Mouse Celebration Cake. They’re not just for birthdays. You can use them to celebrate anniversaries, graduations, a honeymoon or any special day! We ordered a celebration cake for my daughter’s birthday celebration on our last visit to Disneyland.

The cakes are shaped like Mickey Mouse! They really are adorable! You get to choose the flavor of the cake. You can choose between chocolate cake and white chocolate cake. My daughter choose white chocolate for her birthday cake at Disneyland and it was delicious! I was actually surprised by how yummy it was! I’ve heard the chocolate is really good too.

You can have a special message added to one of the chocolate ears if you like. You can choose between “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations”. Or, you can choose to leave them blank. The cakes are adorable either way! Due to their size and design, Mickey Mouse celebration cakes are not available with custom flavors or writing. Every part of the cake is edible, including the ear

One cake feeds 4-6 people. We had 6 people and the cake was just the right size for our family. We didn’t have any leftovers. Cakes cost $45 per cake, plus tax and gratuities where applicable (pricing subject to change); the cake will be added to your restaurant bill, and charged at the conclusion of the meal.

How To Order A Birthday Cake At Disneyland

Here’s how to order a birthday cake at Disneyland. First, you need to make a reservation at a participating table service restaurants. We enjoyed our birthday cake at Disneyland at the River Belle Terrace. You can only get a celebration cake from the following places:

When making your reservation, you can add a Mickey Mouse celebration cake to your reservation when you book online at least 3 days in advance of the reservation. Or, you can order in person at the restaurant’s host podium, or at the Concierge Desk at one of the Disneyland Resort hotels. Requests for same-day cakes must be made in person upon arrival at the restaurant.

I recommend adding your birthday cake at to your Disneyland table-service restaurants reservation ahead of time, just to make sure you’re able to get one. Supply is limited for same-day cake requests and you’d hate to miss out on a cake for your special occasion!

Please note: Mickey Mouse celebration cakes contain gluten, wheat, soy, milk, and eggs. The cakes are produced in facilities that may also include other allergens such as peanuts and tree nuts.

Complimentary Birthday Button

Be sure to get a complimentary birthday button on your visit! This a fun and free way to celebrate your Birthday at Disneyland or any other special occasion. Birthday buttons can be found inside City Hall on Main Street, the U.S.A. in Disneyland Park, or at Guest Services in Disney California Adventure Park. Most shops will also have a supply of celebrations buttons, so just ask any of the cast members and they can help you out.

When you’re wearing your birthday button don’t be surprised if a Disney cast member or two and even other Disney park guest wish you a happy birthday!

Disney Gift Cards

Disney gift cards are a good idea for anyone who will be spending their birthday at Disneyland! They can use them to buy all kinds of souvenirs! They can also use them to buy treats or you can even use them to pay for park tickets! They’re such a great gift and very versatile. We asked her grandparents to give my daughter Disney gift cards before her birthday and she had a blast using them in the parks ad at Downtown Disney.


If you’re looking to add something extra special to your Disney celebration you might want to consider flowers or decorations for your Disneyland resort hotel room. Disney floral and gift services have a variety of options to choose from that they can set up or deliver directly to your room if you’re staying on property at the Disneyland Resort. This is such a fun way to have an in-room celebration! You can check them out here.

Special Disney Dining

Adding a character dining experience is a fun way to celebrate a birthday at Disneyland! You get to eat delicious food while meeting some of your favorite Disney characters! Maybe breakfast at the Plaza Inn with Minnie Mouse would be fun? Or perhaps dinner with Goofy at Goofy’s Kitchen is more your speed? Whichever character dining option you choose, I know you’ll have a great time! Keep in mind, that you’ll most likely need reservations for your character dining. Reservations can be made on the Disneyland app or website 60 days in advance.

Make The Day Extra Special

There are lots of ways to make birthdays at Disneyland special. We like to let the person we’re celebrating run our day. This is a great way to let kids feel involved and extra special on their birthdays. We like to let the birthday kid pick which rides we go on and the order, where we eat, what treats we buy, which shows we see, etc! They get to run the day! They choose their favorite Disney characters to visit and even how late we stay in the parks. This is just a fun simple way to give them some extra special attention and my kids love it!

Disneyland Tips

I’ve got tons of information to help you with your Disneyland planning. Planning ahead, just a little bit will really help your trip go so much more smoothly.

Complete Disneyland Planning Guide

If you’re new to visiting Disneyland, I suggest you check out my complete Disneyland planning guide. This is a great place to start. I’ve also got a guide to each month of the year at Disneyland so you know what to expect on your visit. Each month includes a crowd calendar, weather info, events and ride closures, a packing list, and more! It’s got so much helpful info! You can find it here.

Genie Plus

Thinking about using genie plus? Genie plus is the new system that has replaced the old Fastpass/max pass system. It costs $20 per person per day and includes photo pass. The new system is a little different from the old system. You can find more information here.

Rope Dropping

Have you heard of rope dropping? Rope dropping at Disneyland is a great way to take advantage of shorter wait times in the morning. There is some strategy involved in rope dropping. I’ve got a whole article about it here.

Saving Money

Looking to save money when you’re in the parks? I’ve got a post filled with creative ways to save money at Disneyland. I’ve also got a guide about what kind of food you’re allowed to bring into the Disney parks. You can find it here.

Disney sells just about everything you could need for your vacation if you forget something, but I prefer to plan ahead and buy what I need before my trip. This saves me time and money! Here’s a list of things I buy off of Amazon before my Disney vacations.

Birthday cakes at Disneyland are probably my favorite way to celebrate at the most magical place on earth! Hopefully, this article answered all your questions about birthday cakes at Disneyland. Keep in mind, that a special celebration cake is available for any occasion. It’s not just for birthdays! I’m visiting Disneyland for my anniversary soon and I’m thinking of ordering a special cake to celebrate! I’m thinking I’ll go with the chocolate one this time. Visiting the happiest place on earth is always special, but if you’re celebrating a birthday I recommend adding a birthday cake to take your celebration to the next level!

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